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Nurture your creativity for a sweet September

So, you are feeling excited for September!

It is a great month to begin following a simple and healthy routine that can be beneficial for maintaining focus and, so importantly, for nurturing your creativity.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain a routine supporting all your goals.

1* The goal setting: Take time and define your goals. Ask yourself what specific projects you want to focus on. Give life to your vision by writing it down. Jot down clear and realistic objectives to give you a sense of direction and purpose.

2* Create a schedule: Plan out your days, sit in the morning with your tea or some music on, get some colored pens and your journals, and allocate dedicated time for you to work on these creative endeavors. This is a terrific tool for establishing your routine that will help you. Develop habits that can last a lifetime, even when new and fantastic creative ideas arise. Brainstorming is essential, considering it is internal research. It actualizes your ideas, moving them from being a vision to a manifestation.

3* Your health. Make it a priority to include healthy activities in your routine. Being at the top of your game is so much more doable with sleep and nutrition, exercise, and time with family and friends. This is critical to maintain a life of mission! This can include meditation, meal prepping, gentle exercise, laughter, joy, and enough sleep. Please take care of yourself. This does enhance overall productivity and creativity.

4* Eliminate distractions. Identify the potential distractions, like social media or text messages, that aim to hinder your focus and minimize productivity. You could turn off your notifications in the morning, even for 20 minutes. You can find a quiet place. And all the tools that you need to keep on track. Your journal, pens, markers, tea blanket, and a comfortable chair. For myself, it is a cup of ginger-lemon tea (I recently stopped drinking coffee, and I feel so much better for it), a cozy blanket, the glow of a candle, and my dog) —anything you need to help you stay on track. Then review. Go back and check your notes, your schedules, and even a weekly review on what is working and the lessons learned within things that have not. This is a significant step to help you stay motivated and stop belittling yourself, which can lead to self-sabotage when things don't get completed. Remember, life happens, and you can always move an item or two to another day. I find post-it notes a perfect way to schedule things that are not solid; they can be transferred to another day. Flexibility can aid in nurturing your ideas and your growth by maintaining dedication and a realistic approach.

It is critical to be consistent, but it is not easy. So, try sticking to a routine a few days a week and build it up from there, even at least five. Allow yourself to adapt whenever you need to. And so importantly, celebrate all those victories along the way, small and large, because celebration helps to nurture innovative ideas for you to grow and evolve.

Good luck with all your creativity coming to Coming Alive in September!

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