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Rev. Krista Kemp
Weddings and Vow Renewals

Are you ready to make your wedding or vow renewal ceremony unforgettable? Look no further than Rev. Krista!

Her fun and enthusiastic personality will bring a light-hearted and joyful energy to your special day.

With a passion for uniting couples in love, Krista crafts personalized ceremonies that reflect your unique love story, no matter your style or beliefs.

She fully embraces inclusivity and welcomes all couples with open arms because "Love is Love!" Let Krista make every moment of your ceremony memorable, meaningful, and filled with love.

Get ready to experience the wedding of your dreams with Rev. Krista!

Phone: 1-905-704-9718


INSTAGRAM : kristaomcniagara

“Walk with me, we will walk together

in light…the path of love”

Krista is an Ordained Ministerial Counsellor, having studied with the Pathways of Light college and as a Registered Officiant working with Ethereal Energy Interfaith Officiants. She feels it is a true blessing, and an honour to be represented as your Officiant, collaborating with you on your important day.


With a passion and flare for facilitating ceremonies, Krista felt an immediate connection to the path of providing spiritual ceremonies and support. There is no better way to celebrate life’s blessings then coming together in unity as a demonstration of our oneness.

Krista has a passion in the helping profession, as evidenced by her long standing career in Social Work. With her bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, and a Social Service Worker Diploma, she pursued supportive fields as a child and youth counsellor,  partner violence/shelter counsellor and frontline child protection worker. After fully immersing herself in the field,  she was forced to turn inward. It became time to offer herself the same gentleness and loving care she had offered to so many others.

Krista’s spiritual journey officially began in the summer of 2017. After spending a year with her spiritual life coach, exploring many metaphysical modalities, Krista discovered a deep fondness for shamanic practices such as drumming. This lead Krista to follow her heart, trust her intuition and offer a unique style of Reiki.


Krista also felt the call to complete the full 10 initiation rites of the Munay-Ki, having been trained and certified by the Four Winds Society. The Munay-ki are a set of energetic ‘seeds’ that are transmitted in order to quicken the path to spiritual development and enlightenment. These attunements help to access our inherent inner knowing and inner divine connection.

Krista also offers services through Pathways of Light. Krista’s desire to heal and experience more love, gratitude and peace in her life lead her to her study of "A Course In Miracles". She is available to facilitate individual and group programs and services, based on the teachings of the book. Krista, enjoys connecting to the love within and radiating that outward into the world.


Krista resides in the small community of Niagara-On-The-Lake on a rural property surrounded by nature. Her coach house offers the perfect tranquil setting for her home practice. She spends much of her time connecting with nature on the trails behind her home, and in sitting in stillness on her porch swing in meditation. Krista welcomes connecting in-person, over the phone or via video chat.


“There is so much beauty when we gather together and this is what I love about being an Official. I’m honoured to work together to create a lasting memory on your special day. It is a privilege to ensure your day has ease and flow that I’m truly humbled to undertake. Nothing warms my heart more then leading the way to seeing hearts joined. It is a true shared blessing.” Krista humbly looks forward to joining with you as a representative of Ethereal Energy Interfaith Officiants."

Krista’s invitation to you…

“Who walks with me? I walk with God in perfect holiness, I light the world, I light my mind and all the minds with God created one with me.”

- ACIM, Workbook, Lesson 156, 8:1 & 5-6.


“Walk with me, we will walk together in light…the path of love”

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