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Anita Djurkovic 

Acredited Interfaith Official


Contemporary Spiritual & Civil

Baby Blessings & Naming Ceremonies.

Interfaith Funerals & Graveside Services

Ph: 289-228-7761



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It started with a vision...

built on purpose, faith and destiny 

Anita Djurkovic is an Accredited Interfaith Official, and multi-faith consultant, who serves actively and passionately in the community, with great love and empathy. A 2022 winner of the "Resiliency Award" with the Brilliant Minded Women Foundation, and the recipient of the "Paul Harris Fellow" award granted by Rotary, Anita's unbound dedication to God's call has led her down an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, evolution, and phenominal spiritual growth.


Dedicating herself to following this path, full-time over the past 8 years, has allowed her to come across the most incredible places, people, and experiences. Anita strives to forever embrace the beauty of our perfectly imperfect, exceptional humanness.

Anita is faith-centered has a curious, passionate dedication to seeking all things Holy, and is blessed with an incredible gift for holding sacred space for others. A spirituality & and art studio owner, and a faith and spiritual healing guide, holds multiple Diplomas in Spiritual Formation, Youth, and family Ministry, and is pursuing her Master of Divinity at Trinity College at the University of Toronto. 

Anita and her supportive and caring husband celebrate a glorious, multicultural, multi-faith family.

Their 4 wonderful grandchildren have truly become some of Anita’s greatest spiritual teachers. They assist her every day, deepening her wisdom and understanding of Ethereal, unconditional LOVE!

Anita is the inspiration behind Ethereal Energy.  It is her pride and joy! When her purpose was laid out for her, the decision to follow her destined path was clear. Everything else fell into place!


Anita has recruited the best of the best to work alongside her on her faith-driven purpose. She walks her destined path alongside the Ethereal Energy team, making the world a better, happier place, one connection at a time.

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Rev. Anita Ethereal Energy
Interfaith Officiants



Recipient of the 2022 Resiliency Award

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Recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Award 2022

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