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Maggie Morris-Mingay AIO

Celebrations of Life, Funerals, Weddings

Maggie is an accrdited funeral celebrant and Government of Ontario licenced Wedding Officiant specializing in creating non-traditional ceremonies.

With her unique spiritual gifts, she can help you create a ceremony that expresses all of your emotions and makes them flow like healing waters.

Maggie helps people bridge the gap for all of life's sacred moments. She is a published author and public speaker who can guide you to create the ceremony you envision.

Whether you are celebrating a joyous beginning of a relationship or holding sacred space for the death of a loved one, Maggie's gift of creative writing and speaking from her heart is here for you in all the ebb and flow of life.

From a sacred union held in hospice to barefoot in the waters of Lake Ontario, Maggie will wade into the water with you and make your wedding or celebration of life exactly the way you have emagined it.

To imagine the possible with Maggie by your side, contact her anytime at :



PH: 1-905-941-8094


PH: 1-905-941-8094


Imagine the POSSIBLE!

What would you do if you knew you could not fail...

Maggie is an authentic, caring, sensitive soul passionate about nurturing and inspiring others. Heartfelt coaching sessions with Maggie offer a compassionate, soul-reviving coaching style. Maggie has an innate ability to light the spark under you, encouraging you to live your life passionately and authentically. Being a Death Doula has given Maggie a unique perspective on life. It has taught Maggie how to live! This offers her a fresh perspective when coaching her clients. 

At a young age, Maggie's empathic and emotional maturity was exceptionally beyond her years. What was once considered a deficit, little did Maggie know that these gifts would be essential to her soul's purpose.​Throughout Maggie's life, she had a tight-knit relationship with her beloved mother. Maggie's mother stayed side through thick and thin. Not only was she a supportive mother, but she was also her best friend. When her mother was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, there was no question that she would be by her side for her care. The journey through her mother's death was one of the most challenging yet life-changing experiences of her life. It was this event that paved the way for her soul calling.​ Just as a Birth Doula supports a life coming into the world, a Death Doula supports a life going from this world. A Death Doula is a non-medical support person trained to care for the dying and their families in a holistic approach (physically, spiritually, and emotionally) from diagnosis to end of life. Dealing with death – even talking about it – is difficult for many people. Guiding people through an end of life is a gift that comes naturally for Maggie. ​Working with the dying teaches us the importance of living every moment life gives. The critical relationships, ceremonies, and rituals are the moments we should genuinely value. ​A ceremony planned with you, for you! Maggie specializes in end-of-life ceremonies, funerals, and memorial services. With Maggie as your interfaith Officiant, she can perform non-traditional, non-denominational marriages, commitment ceremonies, 2SLGTBQIA++, and baby blessings, too! For a complete list of the other services that Maggies offers, visit her

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