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Lorriii Dragon Dream AIO 
Weddings and Vow Renewals 

As an Accredited Interfaith Officiant and an experienced Ceremonialist, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Lorriiii believes that the depth of our experience is directly proportional to the depth of our open hearted presence. That through heart felt authenticity, inspired action, loving attention and intention, we naturally awaken the sacred within our every experience.  Lorriiii, in all of her ceremonies, calls upon the Powers of Creation, the powers of Love, the powers of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, the powers of Forest and Family, the Powers of the Ancestors and the Land, the powers of the sacred rhythms of the Earth, Moon and Stars and with gratitude, offers witness to the mysterious energies of love, deep connection and belonging.  Lorriiii brings nuance, depth of presence and appreciation of life to all of her weddings and vow renewals and is an open hearted witness who offers herself in service to your unique Earth Based Spiritual Ceremony.

Phone: 1-905-736-0257              Email:

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