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Lorriiii Dragon Dream

Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher

Star Dragon Teacher

Spiritdrumming.Com Owner/Founder

Sundoor Firewalk Trainer/Instructor

Body Centred Coach

Reiki Master

Yoga Teacher

Wedding Officiant

"Never underestimate the power

of living and being in the heart."

Lorriiii Dragon Dream is an experienced International Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner, Certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor Empowerment Coach/Trainer, Yoga Teacher,  Owner and Creator of, Co-Owner of Traveller’s Joy and The Moving Mandala and more


Although Lorriiii’s official initiation into Shamanism was in 2007, she was born with the ability to see/feel energy and has always felt a deep connection to the Ancestors, to the Trees, to the Spirits of the Land and to all of Nature.


For most of her adult life, Lorriiii has been studying different Healing Modalities and deeply resonates with the guiding principle of Shamanism which is that everything that exists is alive and connected (through the web of life). That we are interwoven with each other, with the Earth and with All That Is.


Since 2007 Lorriiii has experienced many deeper Shamanic Initiations such as; Participating in numerous Shamanic Training Programs. Working with Grandmother Nancy Dancing Light (her Shamanic Teacher and Creator of The Star Dragon Lineage Contemporary Celtic Shamanism Lineage since 2009). Participating and later facilitating ceremony and Sacred Pilgrimage on many Ancient Lands and Sacred Sites throughout the world. Participating in a contemporary Shamanic Training Program called The Moving Mandala and then becoming a Moving Mandalas Teacher in 2012 and Teaching the program in England and throughout Canada. Facilitating intentional Shamanic Drum Circles, dedicated to Ceremony, Intentional Drumming and building Sacred Community (for over 10 years). And More.


As a Certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor/Teacher Lorriiii works closely with the energies of the Fire and loves to guide others on the path of awakened courage and empowered living. Since her first Firewalk Lorriiii has danced with the fire hundreds of times and continues to facilitate Fire ceremonies throughout Canada.


In 2021 Lorriiii retired from her 31 years career of working with energy, in the Electrical/Hydro-electric operating discipline at various Electrical Transmission/Distribution/Water Management Companies in Ontario. She was the first woman to hold the position of River Control Supervisor at Ontario Power Generation/New York Power Authority’s International Control Dam where she worked very closely with the Niagara River and Niagara Falls ~ predicting flows, dispatching water to Power companies, making adjustments to assist in emergency rescue procedures  and managing the Niagara River & Niagara Falls. Lorriii felt very honoured and humbled to have been Steward of the River, where her first priority was maintaining the natural Beauty of Niagara Falls.


In 2020 Lorriiii and her business partner and fellow Shamanic Practitioner, Breny Mason, purchased The Moving Mandala Shamanic Training Program and Traveller’s Joy ~ Tours with Spirit from Grandmother Nancy Dancing Light and they continue to offer (both online & in person) sessions and training programs as well  to develop new offerings and Star Dragon Lineage Training programs as well.


In addition Lorriiii's accomplishments, most recently, she has acquired her Interfaith Officiant licence. Lorriiii is honoured to Officiate Funerals/End of Life Celebration and sacred union/weddings.

“Among other things, I believe that the most powerful creative forces are ignited by conscious acts of Compassion and Love. That when we, through Ceremony, put conscious action into heart felt intention, we open more fully to and connect more deeply with the creative and healing energies of Life and Love.

And among other things, my prayer/intention, as an Interfaith Officiant, is to witness and provide a safe and sacred space for people of all faiths and none, to connect more deeply with these beautiful energies."

- Lorriiii Dragon Dream

For a full list of  services that Lorriiii offers, visit her website:

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