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“Love is knowing we can make it through anything.”

In June, the world celebrates Pride Month, a time of radiant celebration and profound love. At Ethereal Energy, we embrace the spirit of love with open hearts and joyous enthusiasm! We believe that love, in all its beautiful and diverse forms, is a force that transcends boundaries and unites us all.

Our officiants are not just here to officiate; they are dedicated to celebrating every unique love story and bringing warmth and sincerity to each ceremony. Whether it is a same-sex union or any other expression of love, we are here to champion your happiness and commemorate your journey with the reverence it deserves.  

To embrace love in all its diversity, we are excited to announce a unique opportunity for couples looking to celebrate their love. Ethereal Energy Interfaith Officiants is offering a deeply discounted officiant service for a wedding in 2025. We value your participation, and to join in, we invite you to share a heartfelt story of how your love has triumphed over significant challenges to be with your beloved. 

Your submission should capture the essence of your perseverance, dedication, and love, which have sustained you through challenging times. We believe these stories can inspire others and, with the power of love, to conquer adversity.

Submit your story of love to the contact page at, and the most moving entry will be rewarded with an Officiant who will waive their wedding rehearsal fee, a value of $125.00

 In these times, when inclusion and kindness are more important than ever, our commitment is to reaffirm that we embrace every individual. We stand firmly against discrimination and strive to ensure that everyone feels valued and respected. Our team celebrates the diversity of human experience and is dedicated to fostering a world where love is celebrated in all its beautiful forms. We celebrate you, your passion, and your unique story.

Join us this Pride Month to spread love, acceptance, and joy to all.

With Love, Anita

*All submissions may be utilized in the promotion of Ethereal Energy Interfaith Officiants.

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