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February Love

Welcome to February! A perfect month to plant an everbearing garden filled with love, commitment, and the grand celebration of loving yourself!

You might be thinking, hey Anita, Shouldn't a February blog focus on romance, partnership, and blissful couplehood love?

Yes, of course, one of the greatest missions of my life is to walk alongside couples as they embark on their shared quest toward marraige, one of life's most incredible moments. I will genuinely never forget my great responsibility and privilege to help foster enduring connections and aid couples as they weave the threads of everlasting commitment. However, confident self-love needs to thrive within us all, on an inward and personal basis to succeed in the pursuit of joy and bliss and keep a loving, unified marriage.

Here are a few seeds for you to plant and cultivate for a flourishing garden of self-love.

Tap into your inner wisdom: By your daily habits, fostering a positive mindset or faith practice, no matter your understanding. Universal connection can remind us that we are loved unconditionally in a vast expanse of benevolent love, where you are always divinely supported. You can tap into love regularly, primarily through practices of thanksgiving and gratitude. This can offer you a sense of purpose and deeply ground you in unity and self-love. Focus on inner wisdom using tools that support you, such as gentle music, an inspiring podcast, or getting creative.

Disclaimer here! A gratitude practice can become blissfully habit-forming by amplifying daily joy, resilience, and a beautiful journey into one's heart.

Forgiveness for yourself first: I know this is difficult to grasp when society often tells us to forgive others to set ourselves free. But gentle, loving forgiveness needs a starting point that begins with you! Forgive yourself for things you may have done or said when you thought that was right. Loving forgiveness by self-reflection and genuine personal accountability can be precisely what is needed to shift your perspective. Bring the focus back to yourself and your part in things; this is where the natural healing begins. This level of forgiveness clears so much and leaves you as an open vessel ready to receive abundance from the nourishing waters above. These refreshing waters are sent to aid your divine flow, filled with encouragement, understanding, and genuine connection to your source. The practice of inner prayer, such as the Jesus prayer that offers divine mercy, or Hooponopono, the path to clearing and cleaning, are genuine treasures waiting for your discovery.

Community connection: Cherish the quiet solitude that is so profoundly nourishing to the soul, yes! However, please remember that you need to connect with others around you. Why would you not want not to share your epic journey of self-love and joyful confidence with those in the community? You can always illuminate your growth when spending time with those who care for you, respect and empower you, and hold you in love. Being with trusted others can rapidly grow your formerly planted seeds of self-love! Being a beacon of light within your community will become a powerful pathway to freedom, purpose, and living a life abundant with transformation as you show your true, genuine, authentic, loving self. When you give love, you will most definitely receive love.

So, In this month dedicated to love and every month to follow, I wish you all of the love and kindness that the world has to offer, and even more, my prayer for you is to seek, find, and cultivate that love within.

Much Love, Anita

“ The greatest power is not in seeking love from others, but in first cultivating the love within yourself. Then, share this illuminated power with all the people you come in contact with every day. Self-love is the foundation of a peaceful and joy-filled life.”

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