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Lisa Jensen AIO 

Civil Weddings, Celebrations of Life and Vow Renewals


Lisa has been releasing beautiful White Doves at specialty events in the southern part of Lake Ontario for almost a decade and now, as an Ontario Accredited Wedding Officiant she is thrilled to expand her ceremonial experience and offer her expertise to couples seeking a truly unique and memorable matrimonial experience!

With her background in Counselling, Event Coordination, Public Relations, and Photography, Lisa is the perfect guide to help you create intimate, heartfelt, or unique vows that reflect your personal style and preferences.

Her calming spirit, genuine heart, and utmost professionalism make her the ideal resource for your special day.

Get ready to have the most unforgettable wedding experience with Lisa by your side!

Phone: 905-932-8660


Wedding Decorations

Lisa is dedicated to creating the perfect wedding ceremony that will leave you and your guests with unforgettable memories. With her help, your love will soar like the graceful flight of a dove. Let her bring joy to your special day.

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