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Welcome and Hello!

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Ethereal Energy Interfaith Officiants embrace a forward thinking vision about ceremony in all of its form. Deeply rooted in wisdom and love, we offer a number of different services catering to your Officiant needs.


Anita is so honoured to have Maggie, Lorriiii and Krista working alongside her. The Ethereal Energy team will assist you in embracing the vision of your sacred ceremony!


We are passionate about celebrating love through ceremony!

Wholly inclusive, we are at your service to work with you to embrace the vision of your perfect ceremony. Whether it be a vision of a helicopter wedding overlooking the beauty of Niagara Falls, a spectacular showstopper ceremony or a compassionate memorial, celebrating the life and legacy of a loved one...​

Like the Ethereal, we've got you covered!

Our team of licensed Officiants serve the beautiful Niagara Region

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