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Ethereal Elegance: A Winter Wonderland Wedding in the Heart of Niagara.

Embrace the magic of winter with a picturesque wedding in the breathtaking Niagara Region. Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by the enchanting beauty of snow-covered landscapes and the heart-opening vibration of the majestic Niagara Falls nearby.

Timeline ideas for a relaxed and wonderful day.

  1. 10 am- Pre-ceremony bliss: Pamper the wedding party with a cozy brunch at a local French cafe. Sipping coffee and delightful comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere.

  2. 4 pm- Ceremony: Choose a family home by the fireplace (The Ethereal home office has a beautiful fireplace backdrop that would highlight any small wedding or elopement), Or choose one of the many local venues with panoramic views of the falls or escarpment.

  3. 6-7 pm Cocktail hour: Serve a signature cocktail, "Winter Bliss Martini," A delightful mix of cranberry, ginger, and a local Niagara grower sparkling wine.

  4. 7:30 Dinner and dancing: Opt for a warm and inviting colour palate, like deep burgundy, emerald green, and gold, and of course, the tried and true winter white colour palate is always a favorite. Decorate tables with flickering candles, faux fur, and seasonal greenery.

  5. 9:30 Photo fun: Set up a selfie station with winter-themed props for both the wedding party and guests to enjoy. Capture memories against a backdrop of twinkling lights or beautiful winter flowers. ( Ethereal Energy has a frame you can rent and decorate for your event.

  6. 11:00 PM Midnight snacks: Surprise your guests with a gorgeous hot cocoa station and delectable late-night treats, such as mini-gourmet Grilled cheese and warm maple doughnuts.

  7. Incorporate more Winter Wedding fun with elements that might transcend the Christmas theme, embracing winter in a broader sense. Emphasize the unity of different traditions through a diverse and inclusive ceremony. Have a cozy corner with blankets and shawls for guests to stay warm during any outdoor moments.

CELEBRATE!! Love in a winter wonderland where every detail reflects the season's magic. Whether by the fireplace or a stunning venue overlooking the falls, your Niagara Winter Wedding will be an unforgettable journey of the heart. So, Cheers to a lifetime of warmth. and joy, surrounded by the love you share on your perfect winter wedding day in the Ethereal Niagara Region. Best Wishes, Love Anita and the entire Ethereal Energy team!

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